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1320 Houserville Rd
State College, PA, 16801
United States

(814) 237-0960


What to Expect

We are an authentic community, gathering regularly to understand who Jesus. Our mission is to transform the community through worship and the arts. Whether you are a Christian or if you are not a believer, you are welcome and we look forward to meeting you!

Please join us for casual, come-as-you-are, contemporary worship.  By contemporary, we mean that you  can expect a timeless message presented with a variety of music.  We’ve found that many families in our community are so busy on the weekends that they just need family time at home together on Sunday mornings.  Others just can’t get weekends off but in their work schedules but still want to participate in a church community.  This is why we don’t always worship on Sunday mornings..

We have a comfortable family area in our worship space that includes toys & items for little ones. We like for kids to be actively involved in worship life as full participants.

The service lasts 45 minutes to an hour.

What to Expect AT THE HOUSE OF HOPE:

1.         Expect to be greeted warmly.  We love our neighbors!

2.        Expect a cup of coffee (or other beverage) and something tasty to eat. (Yes, you may drink coffee in worship!)  We believe that there is something special about breaking bread together. 

3.       Before worship begins, expect to meet a new friend, catch up with old friends or simply sit quietly while you enjoy God’s gift of music.  We believe that there are many different ways to prepare to approach God in worship, and we honor and embrace them all.

4.       Expect to see t-shirts and jeans, dresses and suits, and everything in between. This is “come as you are” worship. We believe that God values your presence and is not impressed with (or disturbed by) different styles of dress.  

5.    Expect to see and hear children in worship. Children are not miniature adults, and we don’t expect adult behavior, but we do want them to experience God’s presence. We will strive to provide a worship environment that engages all age levels.  We believe worship is essential for everyone, and that God rejoices in the presence of us all.  We also believe that God loves kids for who they are, and we do too!

6.        Expect to hear a variety of musical styles, some of which may feel comfortable and familiar, some of which may be surprising and new. Expect to hear a variety of worship musicians from beginners to experts. We believe that music is a gift and a powerful bridge to God, and that there is not one “right” form of worship music. We also believe that all gifts offered with love are excellent.

7.        Expect to hear God’s Word (the Bible) presented in up to date and understandable language and expect a meaningful, relevant application of the reading to your daily life. We believe that God’s Word is a timeless and essential guide for life. 

8.       Expect to experience the presence of God in community with your neighbors, and expect to be transformed.  We believe that wherever two or more are gathered in His name, God is there. When we approach God with open hearts and open minds, He will meet us where we are and begin to change us in ways we never imagined were possible.


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